About Us

When we think of frozen food, we think of how fresh stays fresh as keeping food fresh is what freezing is all about, as it is simply nature's pause button that keeps fresh food at their peak of freshness.

Many housewives know that our products guarantee freshness and have been cooking and bringing their handmade chives dumplings or spring rolls to the dining table.

One product of ours that have been very popular recently would be muar otak-otak, perhaps the reason for this would be having its origins come from a traditional recipe, which is owned by a family business. People love it because of the unique taste and we have the opportunity to offer this delicacy to consumers young and old alike.

We also provide steamboat delights such as fish ball with roe, fried taro roll and taco balls. With the simple to prepare instructions printed on our packaging, cooking and preparation is a breeze.